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It’s Brian, founder of COVID Legal USA and Editor-In-Chief of The COVID Blog. Common sense and the Constitution continue prevailing in the face of COVID and “vaccine” dystopia. A federal judge in New York granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) yesterday, halting New York’s vaccine mandate for all healthcare workers. TROs are only granted if the judge believes that the Plaintiff will ultimately win the case on the merits. New York prohibited religious exemptions for the lethal injections, a direct and blatant violation of the Free Exercise Clause. It’s the second time in two weeks a federal judge has halted vaccine mandates based on the First Amendment. My mom, a Church of God in Christ minister, used to always say, “people find God in the most desperate of times.” Well, you better find God (and COVID Legal USA) in 2021 if you want a guaranteed way to save yourself from vaccine dystopia.

BREAKING: New York federal judge halts the state’s unconstitutional “vaccine” mandate for healthcare workers with sincere religious beliefs

Again, DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOBS. Force them to fire you and get the termination in writing or record them telling you you’re fired. A well-written religious exemption request also potentially creates wrongful termination claims. Contact us if you’d like more information and assistance. But again, we are extremely busy. So it may take several days to answer your email. Please be patient.

Giulia Lucenti: 16-year-old Italian girl dead less than 24 hours after second Pfizer mRNA injection

Kaitlin Endres: 33-year-old California woman paralyzed, re-learning how to walk after Johnson & Johnson viral vector DNA injection

Lindsey Reeves: Virginia woman suffers anaphylactic shock eight hours after first Pfizer mRNA injection, relentlessly attacked by vaxx zealots for reporting it on Facebook

Tara Skalowska: 40-year-old Florida woman suffers skin disorder after second Moderna mRNA injection, doctors cannot help her

Clint Bearden: 55-year-old Louisiana oil worker diagnosed with dementia 10 days after second Pfizer mRNA injection  

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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