A D, I, V, O, R, C, EEEE.

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Divorcegate…..what can it mean?

Millions of Anglophone and European countries are waking up this morning to the news that the Gates are divorcing. Perhaps Bill’s friendship with the late Jeffrey Epstein opened his eyes to other possiblities. Or maybe there’s a lot more to it than that. Divorce, after all, comes in all the sizes and all the colours.

Last January, I noted in a post here that “breaking free” in one form or another was a trend at the top end of the gigarich. Elon Musk and then Jeff Bezos left their respective foundlings among hints of fondling elsewhere – Musk to focus on climate change, and Musk to devote himself to Artificial Intelligence. Also notable was the departure of The World Economic Forum’s Robert Greenhill to join Trudeau’s Intruders alongside Resetter Mark Carney.

Eric Schmidt then split with Google to become Green alongside Musk. And before breaking…

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