EVERARD VIOLENCE – Digging for Truth & Sanity?

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How bad can it get?

Learning experiences come from the most unlikely directions. In reporting on last night’s Sarah Everard “vigil”, Britain’s mass media missed all of them.

Millions of people around the world will go through the Fourth Estate scribblings about last night’s disturbances on Clapham Common, and leave the subject having reached an erroneous conclusion based on nothing they need to know. This isn’t what the media are supposed to be for.

  • Why was there tension at the gathering? Because it had been banned for a stupid reason to do with an invented pandemic, and because the alleged killer is a policeman.
  • What sort of policeman is he? A secret policeman.
  • Why is our anti-terrorist operation hiring sadistic killer-rapists? Good question.
  • How come social media were so organised about Sarah’s disappearance? Person or persons unknown organised a Twitter/Facebook trend-storm…could’ve been MI6, could’ve been Wimmin…

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