Excellent, Factual Journalist of Note Vanessa Beeley is Having Her Videos Removed For no Reason From YouTube. We’ve Just Witnessed it Happening in Real Time at 16:22 on Saturday 13th February 2021

We’ve circled the YouTube URL above.

The title of this video was “The “Pandemic” Modelling Cabal Have a Serious Conflict of Interest – Rosemary Frei MSc”

NOTE: We were also hoping to post the following comment to Vanessa Beeley, which details how we’d found that separately, the TalkTalk Internet Service Provider appear to have targeted her website at http://www.thewallwillfall.org and prevented their own customers from accessing it, without informing them first. As we tried to post it, we got the response: “Video not found”. Upon refreshing, we found YouTube / Google had just done their dirty censorship work.

“Hi Vanessa, I have an IMPORTANT message for any of your YouTube subscribers who get their web services through the Internet Service Provider TalkTalk.

TalkTalk have taken it upon themselves to block access to your website http://www.thewallwillfall.org. The vague error message that appears also fails to provide any explanation to customers as to why their access has been blocked. So I imagine your subscribers won’t be too pleased to learn that Auntie TalkTalk is controlling their online behaviour in this way and roundly failing to consult them and ask for permission to intrude on their browsing and decision making. Thanks!”

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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