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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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  1. Joyce Bowen says:

    You seriously do not need anyone with a Ph.D. to tell you that things have gone terribly wrong. And I sincerely hope that what is meant by ‘public domain’ means everybody on the planet. There are studies and courses that limited access to studies and courses to degree level. I chose to decline a free pass to medical school in order to care for my vaccine-injured toddler so no Ph.D.s for me.

    Many academics talk down to people who have passed up Ph.D.s for one reason or another. A Ph.D. certainly does not indicate intellect. I’ve meant people who were idiots and have PhDs. I’ve met people who have said they did not actually finish their PhDs but received them regardless.

    And Ph.D.s today are really missing the mark–I mean almost completely. The entire vaccination program needs to be scrutinized in every detail to stop the carnage on babies, children, and people. If I have any Ph.D. at all it is genius.

    Here’s where we are on vaccinations today. For the last 50 years, they have been destroying babies’ brains in the USA. I think the entire Ph.D. guard must be changed because they have all failed miserably.

    Does Merck’s ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Warrant a Closer Look at Vaccine Harms?


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