[VIDEO] Watch: Clear Antisemitism Seen in Wirral, UK as Councillors Get Up and Walk Out on a Jewish Member

The above clip was part of a much larger walk-out where a total of 20 Conservative and Independent councillors got up and left the chamber.

The incident was deliberately ignored by the local and national media, who at the time were busily engaged in covering Labour Party members ONLY with often groundless allegations of antisemitism.

We lodged a standards complaint against three councillors whom we believed had been antisemitic: Councillor Ian Lewis (then Conservative leader) and the two in the above video, Councillor Chris Meaden and Councillor Moira McLaughlin.

Our 9-year-old Twitter account – @Wirral_In_It – was permanently banned and removed by the platform around autumn 2019, losing us 7,000+ followers. The censoring of users / content is not purely an anti right-wing phenomenon.

Link to our lodging of a standards complaint against three Wirral councillors

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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5 Responses to [VIDEO] Watch: Clear Antisemitism Seen in Wirral, UK as Councillors Get Up and Walk Out on a Jewish Member

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  2. Steve Richards says:

    I have met councillor Jo Bird on numerous occasions & I know she was physically shaken frightened by what she experienced & the numerous threats she received, but she was not completely supported by the Labour Party because of her ‘left wing’ views & support for Palestine.


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