Without notifying us, YouTube have commenced blocking the following Covid19 Vaccine message (with a UK government link) when we attempt to post it…

YouTube’s suspect behaviour began this morning when we noticed that the number of responses to our posts had plummeted through the floor. More details here…


Here’s the offending message that is now being blocked as YouTube infringe our Article 10 human right to speak freely and impart information. What makes this doubly puzzling is the fact that they are censoring official government sourced information, this being the Covid19 Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine concerns of the MHRA regulator within their “Information for Healthcare Professionals” document:

From the offices of the MHRA UK regulatory body, look at the long list of what the media are NOT telling us and Matt Hancock is hiding from us…

Not approved for under 16s

Not tested for interaction or contraindications with other medicines

Uncertain if it adversely impacts fertility

It doesn’t have marketing authorisation

Vaccine should be postponed for those suffering febrile illness

Not recommended during pregnancy

Unknown if vaccine is excreted in human milk

In the rush to get the manufacturer’s income streams moving, the MHRA was given only 5 days by Hancock to study and scrutinise the vaccine.

Source for the above points here… The offices of the UK Medical regulator, the MHRA. NONE of it mentioned by Hancock or the GovStream media. Document is entitled, “Information for Healthcare Professionals”


Screenshot of the block (disguised as “an unknown error occurred”). When we alter the text by deleting unnecessary words and re-post, it works!

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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