BBC Amol Rajan’s abuse, “Idiots” and “Scum”. The BBC have NOT upheld our complaint. What now?

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Today, 24th April, we had a response to our complaint initially lodged on 5th February, and later submitted to the Executive Complaints Unit on 9th March 2018.  It’s way over two months, but we’ve now exhausted all the BBC’s internal channels.

An email arrived this afternoon with a letter attached, written and signed by Andy Bell, the Complaints Director.

Much of our complaint is not addressed at all.  The response is highly inadequate and makes a finding on only ONE element of the original complaint – my perceived offence and not anyone else’s. 

Here it is:

bbc cardin finding



So that’s it.  In the strange, inverted, topsy-turvy, post-Savile, post-disc spinning, post-cigar smoking, post-child raping world of the nation’s foremost broadcaster, no lessons have been learned, and it’s okay for senior BBC employees to hurl abuse at licence fee payers.

Anyone having a bad day who feels like sounding off is now in the clear.  It’s official.

And they can pass on their gratitude to pioneering young Media Editor Amol Rajan who has bravely gone in where it hurts, given it his best shot, won this concession and pushed back even more boundaries for his chums.

Yes, all those under pressure BBC colleagues of his, deeply frustrated up to this point with having to contain themselves, smile and be pleasant whilst dealing with the most hideous, inferior “scum” and “idiots”, can now let fly and turn the air blue. Because whatever toxic volleys they hurl in their paymasters’ direction, they can rest easy, it won’t amount to a serious breach of the BBC’s standards, all courtesy of Complaints Director Andy Bell.

As this response is ‘final’, it looks like there won’t be any scope for an appeal.  So Amol is in the clear and who knows, could introduce his next TV show Dixon of Dock Green-style, “Evenin’ arseholes.”

So after complaining and waiting for 10 weeks, you will be told.

And once told, you will be dispensed with.  Although a slender chink of light will remain.

They may deign to amend the wording of their verdict ever so slightly upon receipt of further information from you, but will then make sure they return with the final say, once you’re squeezed dry, the door is slammed shut and they’ve extinguished every last kindling of hope.

This is all very IPSO isn’t it, children?  With punishments handed down from on high, the party line rigidly adhered to, and no room afforded for fair, reasonable, measured behaviour and debate.

Toodle Pip !

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6 Responses to BBC Amol Rajan’s abuse, “Idiots” and “Scum”. The BBC have NOT upheld our complaint. What now?

  1. Fra says:

    MP is next, then?


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