UPDATE ~ Former Wirral Councillor Jim Crabtree – up in court today

1st September 2016

Further to our post earlier today, the Liverpool Echo has more on this story:


It’s now public knowledge that the target of Crabtree’s alleged offensive phone message was Louise Reecejones, a one-time fellow Labour councillor.

Back on July 9th, in advance of the forthcoming leadership race between Angela Eagle and Jeremy Corbyn, I sent an email to all Labour councillors asking who they’d be backing in this contest:

email to all wirral labour councillors - who are you backing

This was responded to, and very quickly, by just one councillor, Louise Reecejones, and we can see from checking on Twitter that she’s a follower of Jeremy Corbyn:


I’ve no idea who Jim Crabtree will be backing but a quick glance on his Facebook account reveals he’s a fan of something called ‘Britain First’, motto ‘taking our country back’. and likes to help by sharing their posts to his friends.

Here’s an earlier post we did re: who’s supporting whom in Labour’s leadership ballot amongst Wirral Labour councillors.

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2 Responses to UPDATE ~ Former Wirral Councillor Jim Crabtree – up in court today

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  2. Bobby47 says:

    Course, whilst I know nothing about this particular prosecution, mostly because the CPS were very quick to refuse my request to have five minutes on me own in one of their little rooms taking a quick butchers at their file of evidence and being allowed to photocopy any interesting stuff, I do know that this sort of thing needs to get nipped in the bud and a clear and unambiguous message is sent out to all Councillors that they can’t communicate with us in an offensive way, and so, on behalf of the dispossessed, the possessed and the demented gamblers, I support this action.
    I mean, like all forms of human behaviour, animal behaviour and that of Councillors and the Council hierarchy, they can become emboldened and start posting really bad stuff that can be very upsetting if their behaviour goes unchecked.
    That’s right! Today they can send you a message that reads, ‘piss off you boring bastard. I hope a ten ton concrete mixer flattens you when you next leave your local Ale House’. Tomorrow, you can be sat at home, minding your own business,diligently recycling your bloody rubbish when you open a letter that contains an image of your local Councillor or the Council Chief Executive who’s naked, sat on a sofa,clearly in a high state of sexual arousal clutching a glass phial that contains a generous quantity of their recently harvested semen and a scrawled message that reads, ‘we’ve decided to exclude you from any future rubbish collections. Your bins have been confiscated you fat baldy twat’.
    Thinking about it some more, I’d say to everyone out there who’s become alarmed and frightened and values having their rubbish taken away in a big plastic bin and over time they’ve become gradually tolerant to being the recipient of dreadfully upsetting communications, don’t put up with Councillors or Council Officers sending you this stuff. Report it to the Police and demand some justice and some habeus corpus!


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