Wirral Council’s facilitation of whistleblowers

Attention all whistleblowers!!

An “approachable” Wirral councillor stands tall as the person to go to directly.   I hear this person is “yer man”, and his record speaks for itself.  If you’re a fledgling whistleblower, slightly unsure, but determined to make an impact with your own damning information, here’s the man with the plan, the guy to turn to, the welcoming “port in a storm”:

Phase One

  • a hearty ‘welcome aboard’
  • a comforting arm across the shoulders
  • an understanding, listening ear

Phase Two

  • 24/7 “protection”
  • copious access time – he’s at your full disposal
  • a steady “nurturing”
  • a careful “facilitation”

Phase Three

  • …being slowly bled
  • …being gradually hobbled
  • …being stealthily disarmed, lock, stock and barrel
  • being spat out at the output end, your wings clipped, your teeth filed down, your horns sawn off
  • having had the full spread of your information lifted, reported upwards in full gory detail, and its impact reduced to peeing into a gale, through treacherous, unbending self-interest…  you’re then reduced to a hollowed out husk and sent off on your way, cast to the four winds.
  • It may also be possible to ‘engage in a mutually beneficial transaction’, but the least said about that the better…

Still, it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world… and even this is preferable to the abusive council’s version of, ahem, “due process”.

The final word here should go to the man who presided over a decade of cruel and shocking abuse of disabled and vulnerable people on Wirral, and then, when notified, presided over the elimination of the whistleblower who brought the bad news, Martin Morton…

Councillor Steve Foulkes:

“…we seem to have whistleblowers who are courted, almost feted… dare I say…” (08:15)

…and, with no trace of irony whatsoever:

“I do not believe whistleblowers should ever be used in a political fashion…..” (10:15)

Thanks as ever go to John Brace for filming the meeting and getting these atrocious comments out there for public consumption.

Who the hell is voting for these people?

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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