As what looks like a new 12-metre 5G mast is erected in Liscard Road, Wallasey, Merseyside, UK, a former communications professional and street lighting designer reprises and updates a video he presented over a year ago

Here’s a link to the original blog post on this:…

Here’s a link to the court case expanding on the areas of local authorities’ powers and duties, which involves my former employer, Cheshire West & Chester Council. I finally left this employer just a month before this incident:…

Read this article from the Guardian (sometimes it contains business / technology news which is covered very well and done without any recourse to #fakery). I’d like to thank Ian R Crane for bringing my attention to this:…

Local authorities, be they County, Unitary, District or Parish councils all have one thing in common; a constitution. Here’s the link to Wirral Council’s constitution:…

Radio Frequency (RF) has been determined a potential carcinogen by the World Health Organisation:…

What appears to be a new 5G mast in Liscard Road, Wallasey, Merseyside, UK

What appears to be

a new 12-metre 5G

mast in

Liscard Road,


Merseyside, UK

2nd November 2021 Update

UK Government news: Street Lamps and Bus Shelters to Help Boost 5G Rollout in £4 million trial.

This latest news from the UK government confirms that street lighting equipment, tall buildings, etc. will be used to affix 5G transceivers, as mentioned in the video presentation above, made around a year ago. This thing is now moving along rapidly and soon we will all be wandering around our towns through an invisible ‘soup’ of 5G microwaves. The more distance you can place between yourself and the transmitters, the more beneficial it’s likely to be to your health. But in reality, there’s no escaping it unless you flee to the countryside.

But if you’re sticking it out in an urban location, particular care should be taken. You may unwittingly spend long periods in very close proximity to say, a 5G transceiver affixed to the top of a lamppost. A common scenario would be you or your baby or young children sleeping for 8 to 12 hours in a front bedroom within about 5 metres of the offending lamppost / transceiver.

The World Health Organisation have deemed Radio Frequency (RF) to be a carcinogen.

These signals are being freely transmitted in all directions, around the clock, 24/7. However, no proper safety testing has been undertaken and any leap in childhood cancers in the years to come is unlikely to be attributed to any of the telecoms companies who deliberately set out to ignore the precautionary principle on product safety.

Instead they came together to collude with councils in pursuit of eye-watering financial bonanzas whilst carrying out potentially millions of hazardous safety breaches which may result in personal injury on a massive scale.

Here’s a quote from the Guardian article we linked to above:

“Meanwhile, councils in sparsely populated rural areas have a very different problem as they struggle to generate interest from mobile providers. North Yorkshire, England’s largest council area, has secured a £1m grant to build three masts in remote areas to supplement its network of 50,000 lampposts.

But there has been no interest from mobile operators, according to Don Mackenzie, the council’s lead member for access.

“We would be only too happy to offer mobile network operators whatever they wish in order to improve the connectivity of our residents, but there’s been a barren response,” he said.

“We must give our residents equal opportunities and would like to see mobile operators do the same.”

He claimed it was “disingenuous” for operators to demand open access in lucrative areas while ignoring incentives to provide any coverage in rural areas. He said: “Never mind 4G, there are areas of our county that don’t get 3G or in some cases 2G, and in some patches there’s no signal at all. It’s the rural areas where we have to step in and give the market a shake-up.”…”

See the short statement above that we’ve put in bold italics. The keyword here is “must”. In his crude pursuit of the big money deals, Mr Don Mackenzie appears to have been very poorly advised. We say this because – as Don should know – the provision of street lighting or the provision of 5G services via equipment mounted on lighting columns (lampposts) fall under a power and not a duty.

So the word “must” does not enter into the equation.

Don Mackenzie does not have to provide street lighting to his residents. Similarly, he does not have to provide the 5G equipment that would be mounted upon thousands of his council’s lampposts…because the 5G gear is mounted to equipment that is provided under a power that could either be taken up or set aside.

If the provision of street lighting was indeed a duty, then the council would likely be struggling financially because it would be dragged through the courts on a regular basis as a justified response to its repeated failure to maintain its street lighting equipment; a situation which exists the length and breadth of the country and not just in North Yorkshire.

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