Post by Guillermou. Forced Vaccination Was Always the End Game.


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The United States has trampled on the flag and the statue of liberty, issuing a federal mandate that requires people to receive a “vaccine” as a condition for employment and for a normal life and coexistence.

We are witnessing the largest scam in the history of the human race, where vaccine-injured people who have received the experimental gene therapy injections are filling up our hospitals, while the government and the media lie to the American public and blame the non vaccinated.

When Fauci lied about the death toll in the United States and the WHO characterizes COVID-19 as a pandemic, he began the strategy designed to manipulate the masses. Since then the corrupt oligarchy has been transformed into something much greater, the dominance of the minds, the control of thought and an extreme deprivation of freedoms.

Almost everything related to COVID-19 Plandemic has been illegal, from requiring people to wear masks, blocking and approving new drugs and vaccines for a disease that already had protocols such as those recommended by Dr. Mercola to treat COVID-19 . In return, people are killed in hospitals with aggressive treatments and ventilators to count more deaths from covid knocking on the door of more “vaccine.”

People defend freedom, they defend health, but they are discriminated against. Scientists and doctors who are raising the alarm are being pushed aside by false messages CDC, FDA, NIH, AMA, and hospital and university administrators. They lie by saying that unvaccinated people and people who have recovered from Covid do not have natural immunity, they are dangerous and should be excluded from their rights and freedom. The passport is another madness consistent with the 8-month “protection” of the “vaccine” that Dr. Fauci assigns to said biological weapon. Now in Israel every 6 months. We are facing booster injections, we are facing a planned genocide

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