#MIPIM fun with PR Guy Mart – better late than never…

An old Wirral readers’ favourite here. We wonder whatever happened to Martin Liptrot…?

Wirral In It Together

MIPIM white people #MIPIM – “…very male, middle-aged and oh-so-white” says Marty Lipgloss

#MIPIM Fun With [former] PR Guy Martin Liptrot

The #MIPIM bash tops everything,

The Med sun’s rays are beating,

The cost of living’s up. Kerching!

Fine wines, al fresco eating,

The Wirral team sport golden bling,

On sunbeds they’re reclining,

This Halliday’s now in full swing,

PR guy Martin’s shining.

“Cannes harbour yachts to sea, ahoy!

Anchors aweigh, fair sailing!!”

A day’s cruise for the team, oh joy,

Wankers and winds prevailing,

These chartered yachts cost dear, it’s steep,

With prices rising, scaling,

But like the Med, our wallet’s deep,

PR guy Mart’s not bailing.

Our Eric Robbo wows the crowd, 

So much, they’re moved to bliss,

Mart’s LinkedIn blog looks rather proud,

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Meanwhile the demolition guys,

Are levelling Girtrell Court,

Still, Mart’s got £££££ signs in his eyes,

For when the land is bought.

There lies the rub for Public Jack,

Who’s forced against a wall,

With one arm twisted up his…

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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