With #WirralGiants in the news, let’s have a look at one of the Wirral Council leader’s BIGGEST !

wirral council phil davies wirral giants

Many hundreds of thousands of pounds were lost here, then it was all frantically and guiltily covered up by secretly convened meetings of Wirral councillors and senior officers, right up to the level of CEO.

Wirral In It Together and others have been confidently going public for some time on these issues and branding Councillor Phil Davies a liar ever since the above immortal words fell from his lips inside a media statement.

He’s a bloody liar.  And hundreds of grand have gone west of your council tax cash.  Meanwhile, the captured Liverpool Echo and Wirral Globe have fallen silent.

We’re quite confident that a libel writ, as thick as a telephone directory, will NOT come thudding onto the WIIT doormat.  Why?

Because we have reams of evidence to back up our position, and the council leader has no reputation left to defend.


For those keen to discover more, this is where he and his colleagues repeatedly lied..

… hereherehereherehere, and here.

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