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Doing a Sentence but Committed no Crime

Originally posted on For Love of the Mainman……:
This is my first blog for quite a while due to my litigation against Liverpool Labour Council and Autism Initiatives The Mainman has had 14 surgeries due to the injury he received…

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Tory Voters in Wallasey and beyond. You’re being taken for fools

***If you live in the North West and recognise any local Tory councillors’ faces in the following photographs, please tweet us @Wirral_In_It with the details.  Many thanks !!*** 21st April 2017 Theresa May kicked off her 2017 snap General Election campaign with … Continue reading

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Wirral Council ~ This Place Gets More Surreal by the Day

15th May 2017

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Using your skill and judgment…

…spot the lying councillor.

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Toxicity Always Emerges

  It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I was the Master of my fate, I was the Captain, with no soul. [Apologies to William Ernest Henley]    

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McNicol: Mandelson’s undermining is ‘just holding an opinion’

Originally posted on The SKWAWKBOX:
Iain McNicol’s performance – when he’s even here – as the most senior employee of the Labour Party stumbles from awful to culpable. In February, Tony Blair’s oily right-hand man, Peter Mandelson, said he worked…

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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Wirral Council email: Discretionary Housing Payments Unlawful for 18 Months

4th April 2017 See our recent blog post: Discretionary Housing Payments As part of this Freedom of Information request, placed in February 2017, we asked whether Wirral Council had information to show that they had learned lessons from the Martin … Continue reading

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#MIPIM fun with PR Guy Mart – better late than never…

  #MIPIM Fun With [former] PR Guy Martin Liptrot   The #MIPIM bash tops everything, The Med sun’s rays are beating, The cost of living’s up. Kerching! Fine wines, al fresco eating, The Wirral team sport golden bling, On sunbeds they’re reclining, This Halliday’s now in full swing, PR guy … Continue reading

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Tories break electoral rules up to a MILLION times in W Mids mayoral campaign

Originally posted on The SKWAWKBOX:
In May, West Midlands voters will elect a regional (‘combined authority’) mayor for the first time. The Conservative party has made no secret of the fact that it sees success in the mayoral contest as…

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We met the Wirral Council leader for the first time today. We were not impressed

27th March 2017 We collared the council leader today as he briefly left the 10:00 AM cabinet meeting due to a conflict of interest (his wife is a pharmacist apparently). We held the door open for him and once we … Continue reading

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