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Wirralgate : 4 x 4

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
It was 4 years ago that Wirral Leaks first broke the Wirralgate story.  Read how the story began with the first 3 chapters from September 2013 : Wirralgate 1 Wirralgate 2 Wirralgate 3 However little did we…

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Frank Field’s very busy in the media. Why? Because he’s petrified of the #Wirralgate scandal

#Wirralgate – the makings of a huge scandal, involving a covert audio recording, alleged #racism, blackmail, the smearing of a local Tory and the attempted extortion of £192,000 in public money Frank Field, MP for Birkenhead has hardly been out … Continue reading

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Potential #racism by Wirral officials. And it’s all gone quiet over there! Yet again!

Who remembers this?  #Racism The above gem appeared in Private Eye around autumn two years ago and the incident it briefly refers to received much more detailed coverage on Wirral Leaks, but strangely never made it into the national media. There … Continue reading

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Tomorrow we will make a complaint to the Electoral Commission about Frank Field’s Birkenhead (Alleged) Social Justice Party

If the above text is difficult to read, here is the content on the left in a more readable format: “Thank you so much for being willing to support my work. I am trying to raise £12,500 towards my election … Continue reading

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Frank Field ⭕CAUGHT ON video… 🎥🎞️. Anyone need disabusing* of this ex-MP’s “good” reputation? Read on…

*A quick apology goes out for our use of the word ‘disabusing‘. You won’t see that word used a great deal, even in our moribund, up their own arse, neo-liberal broadsheets. Still, this blog aims to be educational as well … Continue reading

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Breaking: Magenta Living recklessly jeopardised the safety of thousands of their Wirral tenants

  You’ll find absolutely bugger all here at the Magenta Living home page on this urgent, breaking news story. How strange, readers?           These are the three Wirral Councillors who earn money in return for … Continue reading

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Frank Field. Is he “Feeding Britain”, as claimed?

As his long career in public life comes to a close, Frank Field was meeting royalty yesterday in his Birkenhead constituency.  See all the local and national newspapers for the gushing coverage. Ever the one to promote his own causes, … Continue reading

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Is the Wirral Council member for Prenton – Councillor Tony Norbury – a “sleeper”?

Birkenhead voters…  All 70,000 of you…  Will Councillor Tony Norbury be YOUR man in Parliament?  Or will Councillor Tony Norbury be WIRRAL COUNCIL’S man in Parliament? It’s in your hands… Read on… Here’s a statement dated November 2018 by this … Continue reading

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Reading Council Safeguarding emergency. Confirmation of Noone and Fowler’s compromise agreements

An earlier blog post on this subject: UPDATED: New figures for Wirral Council’s compromise agreements and gagging clauses Wirral Council produced and supplied the following table in response to an FOI request. As you can see, the names have been … Continue reading

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Wirral In It Together have been BLOCKED on Twitter by Wirral Council and their partners The Wirral Globe

We uncovered this item today, and it must have happened very recently ! It’ll be connected to the ugly, alleged #Racism of a Wirral Councillor’s wife in Sorrento that turned up exclusively here on Wirral Leaks last month, and also … Continue reading

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