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Scandal-torn Wirral Council, has no “External Investigations Policy”.

4th October 2013 Some unsettling news arrived today, tucked away in an email from the Information Commissioner’s Office.  This revelation concerns a Freedom of Information request placed 16 months ago, way back in May 2012.  Wirral Council and the ICO have corresponded on it recently… PROTECT … Continue reading

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All Wirral “independent” investigations are now rendered invalid…

The final outcome of this long running saga: After wriggling on the hook for many long months, the council was finally forced to admit that it has no external investigations policy or procedure.   All external investigations previously flagged as … Continue reading

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List of Wirral Council scandals from a few years back. Nowhere near exhaustive.

·         Frank Field being blackmailed by HESPE crowd – assuming that’s the case… ·         Wilkie visiting whistleblowers to ‘apologise’ for corporate bullying and etc. is this what the “totality of being held to account” amounted to? ·         Photos of him and her – taken … Continue reading

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Wirral Council are to apply a flat charge on elderly / vulnerable people for CRUCIAL assistive technology

Just announced… From the council that… Sent its senior people on costly, pie-in-the-sky jollies to the other side of the world… Used our council tax to purchase tickets for all councillors to attend the Open Golf… Installed an unnecessary £850,000 … Continue reading

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Rochdale. Simon Danczuk MP gets the abuse message out there. What about ACTING on information received?

Some background – check the date – well BEFORE the recent child abuse revelations in Rotherham: 1st September 2014 Here’s an email to Simon Danczuk MP, from last year, dated 24th May 2013, a month before the above article.  In … Continue reading

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The Saga of DLA Piper – can the truth finally be allowed to emerge? Er, not yet…

Regular readers of the blog will be well aware of this one, and the depressing depths to which senior officers and councillors of Wirral Council have plummeted in order to draw a concealing veil across disability discrimination – as found by … Continue reading

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Report on Wirral Council’s illegal 4 week delay in care is published

The view out across the broad vista of Wirral Council’s impartiality UPDATE March 2013 I spoke to investigator Rob Vickers today re: the FoI request below, which was made a while back.  I’d left a message last week and he … Continue reading

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Thousands endangered in Reading. Here’s the FOI request spelling it all out. Yet still… Wirral Council FAILED

The story so far See the following links for more on the unfolding situation in Reading: 1 An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018 2 The causal link … Continue reading

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Brighton Street

Built on dogshit pavements Watch the lackeys swoon A cynical arrangement  Every workday afternoon Where the fecal germs of Mister Fooks Are rendered obsolete The legal beak is “Turgid Spoor” In the case of Brighton Street In the cheap seats where … Continue reading

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#FoI Act – Arguing against ‘Confidentiality’ and ‘Commercial Confidence’ exemptions

Wirral Council’s disability discrimination ~ found in 2010 by the Equality and Human Rights Commission First ICO Decision Notice Second ICO Decision Notice The following requests were sent to Wirral Council almost a year ago, but were never answered.  It has taken … Continue reading

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