UK Birth rate down 14% since Covid19 injections💉 💉 💉 were rolled out

UK: Births in England COLLAPSED and are NOT Coming Back Up

Births Declined by 14%. Should we call it INFERTILITY?

“A new UKHSA Sep 1, 2022 Vaccine Effectiveness Report is out. The report says that it “applies to England”.
And it has very bad news. Live births dropped in England by 14% as of May 2022, and the decline seems to be worsening and not recovering.

We all know what was going on 9 months prior to January-May of 2022. The UK was busy vaccinating its fertile and pregnant women, claiming that “Covid vaccine is safe for pregnancy”.

Please read my Hungary article, where I compared birth rate drops in 20 Hungarian counties, with vaccination rates in the same counties 9 months prior to birth rate drops. A statistical analysis called “linear regression” shows the relationship between vaccination rates and birth rate drops 9 months later. That shows causation, due to the “temporal relationship” inherent in 9-month pregnancies.”

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