Beware new Council Management Systems ⚠️ … a blog post from four years ago.

Q. What’s changed in the meantime?

A. Nothing much.

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3 Responses to Beware new Council Management Systems ⚠️ … a blog post from four years ago.

  1. Bobby47 says:

    There have been changes. Only small ones and none of them bring with them glad tidings. Since my last diazepam fuelled rant that’s pretty much self explanatory and probably confirms me to be as mad as Cardin’s old ships cat, the public service council feeding trough that’s fed these incompetent bungling idiots for longer than I care to remember, has been joined by another feeding trough affixed in close proximity that enables all the other twats who couldn’t get in on the Council gravy train, mostly because they’d all reached their personal level of incompetence, to get feeding on the publics money without any expectations that they’d do anything to help the meek, the mild and the downright fucked up who’ve become bereft of hope.
    It’s a trough for Charitable organisations. Yes indeed’y! Charity and the many charitable registered companies that are springing up all over the bloody place are the new must get to place if one’s a slavish follower to Common Purpose and you’ve a passionate and desperate yearning to transform the lives of all the fucked up folk who weekly waste their disposable income on Scratch Cards in the feint hope that they might just win a million quid and thus rid themselves of poverty and the dreaded fear that the gas and lecc’y bill is a fortnight away from getting shoved through the letter box and rendering you completely and utterly fucked up.
    Charity! This is where the big money is and this is where many of the former Council leaders inevitably drift to. And why not I say. With a salary that can be as high as two, three, four thousand a year, a company car and a page on LinkedIn that reads, ‘I’m a charitable bastard’, and the sure fire certainty that you’ll get a CBE, an MBE, or better still a V bloody D, just for your charitable good works, you get a gong and some letters after your name that then ensure that whenever your name is mentioned you’ll be thought of as a very giving, loving, caring person who was charitable and who still managed to afford to live in the big house on the hill well away from all the bottom feeding twats who became reliant on food vouchers, clothing and other charitable good works that included the house you once lived in before you got evicted for getting behind with the rent to a lovely loving charitable organisation, better known as your local housing association run by your former Council Chief Executive.
    Yep! Things have changed!


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