Ex-cop who fled to Russia has access to #Epstein’s covertly recorded videos (now encrypted) allegedly of Prince Andrew and others.

Click the links.

Attwood’s videos are all GONE from YouTube.

Who removed them?

Attwood or YouTube…?🤔

Wirral In It Together

Via@shaunattwood<<< click to follow Shaun’s Twitter link.

There is a LOT more compelling information on this subject here, contained in the following two videos by Shaun Attwood.

These discuss the covertly recorded video evidence, the extent of it, the method of storage and the plans for release “should anything happen” to John Mark Dougan.

Later Epstein videos:

  1. John Mark Duggan Interview 2
  2. Charlie Robinson #Epstein interview
  3. Ron Chepesiuk #Epstein interview
  4. Assassination attempt on John Mark Dougan 
  5. Michael Shrimpton interview
  6. Shaun Attwood on “True Geordie” 
  7. Charlie Robinson interview 2

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