Has Google Crashed on your Samsung mobile? Is Gmail not working? Are your Apps Broken? We Have a Fix!!

Apps on Samsung mobiles have reportedly been crashing since early this morning.

The problem seems to stem from a system app known as Android System WebView that’s used to display web content.

Google says it has fixed the issue for Gmail and a selection of apps. There’s no word forthcoming on when problems with the other apps will be resolved.

“The problem with Gmail has been resolved,” said Google on the Workspace Status Dashboard...”



to stop your apps from crashing on your mobile, update both Google Chrome and Android System WebView on the Google Play app store.

Do this by opening the Play Store app, searching for “Google Chrome” / “Android System WebView”, and tapping UPDATE On both apps.

Good luck…!

Fix the Samsung Mobile bug

Choose to make a small donation to Easy Virtual Assistance if we resolved your problem. GOOD LUCK TO YOU…!


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