Shapers of slavery: the empire

“Hubs” of evil in the present and slavery in the future:

winter oak

The World Economic Forum organises its Global Shapers Community by means of hubs – there are more than 400 of these in some 150 different countries.

The idea is to give the impression of a worldwide youth movement, a groundswell of opinion from the new generation endorsing the WEF’s call for a Great Reset of our society and our lives.

But, of course, in reality the Global Shapers set-up is not a “community” at all, but a centralised structure in which young recruits are merely puppets, obedient mouthpieces for those actually running the show.

Gs logoThe real agenda behind the Global Shapers is made very clear by looking at its leadership, as we did in our previous article.

The Shapers in all these hundreds of hubs are effectively working for the likes of WEF boss Klaus Schwab, Chinese Big Pharma billionaire Eric Tse and David Rubenstein of the war-profiteering CIA-linked…

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