Private Eye Shows Blatant Pro-Starmer Bias in Review of Ernest Bevin Biography

I was a loyal subscriber to Private Eye for three decades. It managed to keep me informed and entertained through some pretty grisly, scandalous, politically treacherous times. Which was no mean feat. Now? I wouldn’t go near it with a barge pole. It’s become a sickly, captured outlet for the usual wealthy, deceitful, neoliberal, city / Israeli interests. Hislop’s dire and ugly editorship of late will have had the majestic forms of Peter Cook, Paul Foot and Richard Ingrams rotating uncontrollably in their last resting places. *Hideous* is the only word. He’s pissed all over their legacies, Murdoch-style and made himself look very, very damaged.

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I’ve blogged many times about the vicious anti-Corbyn bias Private Eye shares with the rest of the media. Like the rest of the country’s corrupt and mendacious press and broadcasting establishment, Private Eye has consistently pushed the smears and lies against the former Labour leader. It has vilified him as an anti-Semite and, some kind of Commie or Trotskyite infiltrator. Even now that Corbyn is no longer head of the party, the attacks continue. This fortnight’s edition, for 31st July – 13th August 2020 contains an article rejoicing over the threats to sue Corbyn and the party by the Blairite intriguers and anti-Semitism smear merchants for libel. The anti-Semitism smears always were politically motivated. They were mobilised by the Zionist Jewish establishment – the chief rabbinate, Board of Deputies of British Jews and the various Friends of Israel parliamentary organisations in order to rebut criticism of the Israeli state’s 70…

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