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Council Tax Cash for Honours. The Quid Pro Quo. Freedom of the Borough of Wirral (x 2) in return for huge cash favours bestowed upon councillors

Council Tax Cash for Honours Here’s a little throwaway item. On the surface, it’s an absolutely tedious, nothing story which we spotted in today’s online Wirral Globe local ‘newspaper’, a site we don’t visit very much.  Not since its editor … Continue reading

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With Boris Johnson visiting Liverpool today, let’s see how the city remembered the Iron Lady

via 8th April 2013 – Thatcher is dead. Cameron hails her outside 10 Downing Street. In Liverpool, there was a different response.

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CIA, FBI not good alternatives to Trump

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog: This 24 March 2016 video says about itself: The Dark Prison: The Legacy of the CIA Torture Programme | Fault Lines “In the immediate aftermath of 9/11 we did some things that…

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#Epstein Clinton Maxwell Interview. Shaun Attwood talks to Charlie Robinson

  The sheer depth of detail around Jeffery Epstein provided by Charlie Robinson here is simply staggering. Many of the missing background pieces of the jigsaw are provided. Sit back and watch them slot into place. It’s compelling stuff because … Continue reading

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#Epstein Russia exile John Mark Dougan – checks covertly recorded DVDs, finds paedophile activity, a famous face, and more…

Interview 2 Many searching questions are put to John Mark Dougan, who appears genuine and has detailed, authentic responses. He’s lost everything so far, but his life and his freedom.   Via @shaunattwood <<< Click here to follow Shaun on … Continue reading

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