It’s no trigger ballot in Wallasey. Corbyn backstabber @angelaeagle is likely to prevail as the unwanted MP

rebuttal lines

This carefully drawn-up, simpering crib sheet – belonging to Angela Eagle MP – landed in our inbox recently – and what an eye-opener it is. No mention of her voting for the Iraq War, eh? Maybe that simply didn’t happen?

Its toxic cynicism is staggering, and may be a surprise to anybody still nursing the delusion that politics is a clean and wholesome affair. If you believe politics is honestly conducted, improves our situation, cleanses us of crooks and protects and advances the fortunes of voters, their families and society in general, the above lies are a timely wake-up call.

Still, we like getting leaks and this piece of schmoozing PR guff was very welcome.

It was accompanied by an assurance that due to the 12th December General Election announced yesterday, the developing trigger ballot on Eagle will not now go ahead.

This would have removed her from the candidacy, protected the people of Wallasey and potentially replaced her with a Corbyn-supporting socialist. But it wasn’t to be.

So who is Angela Eagle?

An unwanted, right-wing Labour Party entryist and liar (see above) who has stood astride the Wallasey constituency for the last 27 years. A period of office which commenced after Lol Duffy – remember him? – did all the hard work before being swept aside by ‘those who knew better’.

The Confederation of British Industry’s Eagle was undemocratically parachuted in by abusers of power Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley, the then right-wing Labour Party leader and deputy.

Eagle was cynically crowbarred into position to plunder the spoils of an extremely hard-fought campaign in 1987 … before sinking the knife home into Mr Duffy and the local public in 1992.

It’s now 27 years later and here she will remain, potentially until 2024.

Yes folks, politics is indeed a crooked, unforgiving, shitty, dishonest game.

So we’re stuck with a back-stabbing, right-wing piece of toe rag whom, after getting her constituency party banned for 18 months, will continue to  keep them on a tight leash,  feed lies to the public (see above), frustrate any chance of socialism breaking out and do her damnedest in office to prevent the people of Wallasey getting a fair crack of the whip and a chance at improving theirs and their children’s futures.

As has become customary, her focus and influence will be directed upon the local business “community” and its managers, who detest each other, and certainly not the wants, needs and outlandish desires of divided, working-class oiks and ruffians like us.

Sorry to end on such a sour note, but our cynicism is passive and harms nobody. Whereas Eagle’s is of the highly active variety (see above). Take a walk around woeful Wallasey and bear witness to the 27-year legacy of her neglect, wilful carnage and destruction.

And still, the misery goes on, as a renewed feeling of despair breaks out around these parts. And not just here, but across the country, where the June 2016 democratic Brexit call is still being frustrated and denied by all parties and their dishonest members, those well-placed officials who’ve been benefiting personally via £trillions in EU grant funding, including the right-wing member for Wallasey, who desperately wants to remain in the EU, keep the gravy train on track and who will move heaven and earth to keep our tax money flowing in.

She will frustrate this, back-stab that, smother the other, and do all she can behind the scenes to bolster the neo-Liberal zealots in Brussels, while taking what she wants and firing out chaff to show how keyed-in to vulnerable people she is (see above).

The same goes for every single MP of 100+ currently hard-right Labour constituencies across the United Kingdom.

With candidates soon to be cemented in place once more and a Tory press and media protecting and promoting the bastards, there is likely to be very little change.

This sure ain’t ‘democracy’ or anything resembling it.

If Labour win this election, we’re heading for yet more betrayal. Why? Because if we stay in the EU or inside a customs union, there will be no programme of nationalisation of rail, utilities, services, etc. because it ain’t allowed.

All those tiny, unsteady ‘toy boats’ of proposed nationalisation, setting out on their uncertain journey will be dashed upon the rocks of Brussels.

What about the nationalised French railways and others, we hear you cry. Well, they were all signed, sealed and delivered pre / during the common market, EEC and before the EU existed. They needed protecting to get the lumbering beast up onto its feet. But try and nationalise now as a member nation, you’ll be met by a carefully aimed blow to the jaw and down you will go.

Pretty much all we have to cling to now is @georgegalloway’s tilt at West Bromwich, where Tom Watson is such a dirty, shitty, scratching, gouging opponent, absolutely nothing will be set in stone.

And with Corbyn promising the earth, whilst dancing to the tune of proven, entryist warmongers and cowards, embedded with their friends inside the Conservative-leaning Westminster press lobby, there seems to be little chance of any green shoots of socialist / democratic recovery breaking through the soil between 2019 and 2024, perhaps even longer.

That’s if Labour win, which is by no means certain.

If Labour had ignored its embedded right-wing shite and run with a #Lexit / Tony Benn-inspired programme post-2017 election, they could have carried Northern / Welsh (not Scottish) voters with them, stolen Farage’s thunder and would be leagues ahead in the Brexit stakes AND the crooked polls by now.

But they didn’t, stupidly. They sat on the EU fence and still do.

And if they lose this Brexit election – for that is what it will be – they only have themselves and their right-wing, EU-fellating entryists such as liar Angela Eagle (see above) to blame.

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