Smart Meters – Not so smart!

Smart meters.
Just say no, for the sake of your family’s health.


Smart meter

The latest in our series written by ‘Bright Spark’ which explores existing wireless technology and the planned 5G roll out:

In our previous articles we highlighted the dangers of the new blue/white light emitted from the Council’s new lamppost replacement programme, as well as the extremely dangerous microwave radiating transmitters that are on top of each lamppost that are forming part of the 5G infrastructure grid planned for Liverpool and the Wirral. We then focused on the totally inadequate ‘safety standards’ quoted by the Council, Government and industry for wireless devises and cell towers. The ICNIRP/PHE ‘safety guidelines’ that are used are out-dated and based on the assumption that non-ionising microwave radiation is perfectly safe as long as it does not heat a fluid filled mannequin head up by several degrees over a short few minute exposure!

This week we would like to bring your attention to the dangers of…

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