After 20 Years of Neo Liberal Mayhem and a Global Crash, the biggest Damage Control Job Since 1945 Starts Tomorrow

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It’s time to get rid of the suits


8th June 2017

In a screeching departure from the politically neutral rantings of Wirral In It Together, today we’re calling for all our readers, young and old, to use their votes to put an end to the last 20 years of neo liberal puppet governments – the corporate apologists – pretending to be people-centred, but put up to act in the interests of corporations.

Today’s Tories are funded and backed by not just 5 Tory tax avoiding media billionaires, but by the banks, chiefly HSBC.  The last 20 years of ‘political options’ have been foisted upon us…  under the insulting guise of ‘providing choice’.

That’s finally come to an end and one thing is for sure, Jeremy Corbyn’s record indicates that he is indeed ‘on the right side of history’.  We can see that if we cut through the desperate media crap.  And although he originates from a background of ‘acceptable’ Social Democracy, he is supremely electable within this system.

Which is why we’ve constantly been told the opposite.

And it’s also why he is feared and despised in equal measure by the 1% i.e. the very wealthy, whose governments – both Tory and Labour – have been privatising our essential services since Thatcher, foisting PFI schemes onto the public purse of our grandkids, and imposing grinding austerity onto the rest of us for the last 7 years through reasons of naked greed and misplaced Tory ideology.

Bankers’ bonuses are UP in case you hadn’t noticed.  In other words, there is no austerity for those directly responsible for all our ills.  These City Tories are in a position to avoid the carnage, and through #ToryDirtyMoney are able to ensure that the politicians they own will impose it onto not just working class people but the entire 99%, many of whom would like to attain membership of the elite, but never will.  Because there’s a well-upholstered, upper class, bloodstained hunting boot firmly planted on their heads.

HSBC bank even had one of their own directors appointed, Rona Fairhead, via then Chancellor George Osborne,  to Chair of the BBC Trust, just for good measure.  Hence the slew of anti-Corbyn propaganda that’s been raining down on us via our TVs and Radios and laptops and iPads and phones throughout this seemingly endless election campaign.

We’ll keep this very brief, but like we say, tomorrow begins the biggest damage control job since the Attlee government was voted in in 1945.

That can only begin if you go to your local polling station today and vote Labour. Today is the people’s chance to seize the moment again, like their mothers, fathers and grandfathers once did.  THE HUDDLED MASSES.  That’s us.

Get out there, grab back some power of your own, and put an end to the misery today.


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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