The Bung,The Bad & The Uggly : Silence is a Golden Handshake

She once invited me into the Town Hall and thought I was the brains behind Wirral Leaks. Luckily I’m always alert, prepared and make contingencies for such occasions …



Two terse sentences brought to an end 13 long years in the chaotic world of Brighton Street on Monday:
“We can confirm that Emma Degg left the Council on Friday 17 July following her request for voluntary severance and an agreement being reached with her.
We wish her well for the future.”

Precisely who the “we” is wishing the now departed head of tourism and community engagement “well for the future” would be interesting to know, however.
Because there isn’t exactly a queue of people lining up to donate towards her leaving present.
Emma “Uggs” Degg is of course long known to regular readers of Wirral Leaks. She’s been directly and euphemistically referred to in virtually all of our reports.
Such was her influence right across Wirral Council, there seemed little that could be done without her first giving it the nod.
And that includes her control over and interference…

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4 Responses to The Bung,The Bad & The Uggly : Silence is a Golden Handshake

  1. Paul I would love to have read the 9 Globe comments so hastily withdrawn on the subject perhaps you could enlighten me. Can you tell me your email address cheers john hardaker


  2. Hi Paul being new to twitter the articles you sent were a bit jumbled but well done in retrieving the before the globe trashed them. I can guess who got the minus 14 could it be the councillor alais positive thinker.
    If you can send it in a revised format as some comments overlap one another.
    Cheers in advance John Hardaker. I am not sure if my email address appears on your wordpress if it does send the globe article via email.


  3. Bobby 47 says:

    Will anyone step forward and mourn the departure of this recently hospitalised woman.


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